Paint finish wardrobe and cupboard doors

We can manufacture made to measure wardrobe and cupboard doors comprising of various designs. The photographs below are of three types of sample doors and are just under half the height of a standard door. The stiles are representative of 125 mm’s wide and the rails 125 mm / 200 mm. The moulding in the panels is normal size so would look smaller on a standard size door.

As the 3 different types of door on this page are made by us they are not confined to standard heights and widths.

The style of doors shown are only a few ideas and I hope to add sketches, or more samples, with different arrangements.

For instance; the effect of a timber frame creating a ‘Shaker’ style can be adjusted to wider stiles and rails, curved top rails being segmented or a florentine arch and within the panel ‘v’ groves can be machined to resemble tongue and groove boarding. (See cup hinge doors below).

I have shown some of the framed doors having a moulding set around the perimeter of the panel and could be replaced with a different beading.

Any wardobe or cupbaord can be painted in any colour finished by myself or your own decorator.

* Any dimensions quoted are approximate.

Paint finished butt hinge doors - 28 mm thick

These doors are 28 mm thick. They have a screwed timber frame core of 20mm and then have 6 mm MR mdf fitted to each side. The panel is 6mm deep.  

Paint finished cup hinged doors (kitchen hinge type)

The doors of this sample use 155° cup hinges with a full overlay although this design overlays to 13 mm. The hinge also offers horizontal and vertical adjustment.

The angled door has a ‘v’ machined into it giving the effect of a tongue and grove boarded panel. The reverse side is plain.

These doors are 24 mm* thick.

Paint finished sliding doors.

The sliding doors are the same as the cup hinged doors. The sliding gear has wheels bottom and top. The top wheels are sprung to maintain contact. There are many choices of flush sliding door handles that can be fitted.