Assembly projects – indoor and outdoor.

Assembly services - indoor and outdoor.

Flat pack furniture
With so many furniture items being ordered online and transported by courier as ‘flat pack’ I offer a service to assemble the item once it has arrived at your home and you have checked it is not damaged. This could be beds, wardrobes, kitchen units, garden furniture etc. Sometimes the ironmongery is not complete but usually bolts, washers and screws can be purchased locally and quickly.

Outdoor projects

Sheds, garden furniture, pergodas and Gazebos etc can all be assembled by myself.

Metal and plastic shed.

A previous customer asked me to assemble a shed thay had bought from the internet. I removed the existing wooden shed as it had rotten timber and disposed of it at the recycling centre at Foxhall, Ipswich. I am a licensed upper tier waste carrier. 

Lugarde Gazebo with sides.

A previous customer asked me to construct a gazebo kit made by  Lugarde. The customer had installed a surface so my role was to set out and construct. This took me four days. The customer to decorate.

Various assembly projects.