Fire doors

Fire door services

Fire door services
Most of my experience with fire doors has been in hospitals and offices in London, York and Nottingham and Birmingham. I occasionally get asked to service fire doors or install replacement fire doors after they have been surveyed by the person in charge of Health and Safety of a particular building or their Fire Officer.

Fire doors may require upgrades to the intumescent strip if legal guidelines change and periodic servicing to maintain the integrity of fire strip brushes or rubber fins, adjusting/ replacing door closers and installing missing signage are required operational requirements.

Fire door upgrade and servicing for WinMil Supported Housing, Ipswich.

Carpentryworks Ipswich offers fire door maintenance, servicing, upgrades and renewals as part of our carpentry portfolio.

We were asked to install 15mm intumescent strips to the doors on an electrical cupboard by WinMil.

The pair of doors were also adjusted so that brush seal touched adjacent surfaces.